GigHires is committed and dedicated to you and passionate about advancing your career as a trusted advocate.  Our recruiters take ownership in your career and see themselves as an extension of you.  Our team often considers ourselves as your personal Career Solution Scouts ®.  Not only do they take the time to listen to your goals and aspirations, they are consistently keeping an eye on the market for opportunities that align, all while helping you along the way with resume advice, interview preparation.

Discover the Undiscovered

4 of 5 technical professionals find opportunities in the unpublished job market. As you embark on your next career opportunity,
we understand that often the right opportunity for you isn’t always available through job postings.  Even when it is, there is often a lot of
frustration around submitting your resume to what can be perceived as a resume “black hole.”

Our team is skilled at uncovering opportunities that might not be recognized to the public and aligning them to your skills and goals.
We shed light on companies and opportunities that you may not have had access to through our Placement Process.

Our Placement Process

We listen

Our Career Solution Scouts are focused on thoroughly understanding of what’s important to you and your career aspirations.In addition, we spend the time up front to build a relationship with you, provide resume recommendations, insight to the hottest skillsets and what Employers are seeking in potential employees.



We look for every opportunity to personally present you to our client and sharing with them why we believe you are the right candidate for the opportunity. We want to make sure that the time we spend together discussing your skills and goals, does not get lost by just sending a resume. We want to highlight your candidacy to help put you above other candidates.

Preparation is Key

Interviewing can be nerve racking to say the least.  Our team take the leg work out of preparing to put your best foot forward.  We want you to go into your interview with confidence, so we share with you everything that we understand about the project, team, must haves, interview “do” and “don’ts”, some insight to the manger, and anything else that we have gathered about your potential future employer.


Never placed and forgotten

We want our relationship to be built for the long term. We take great pride in being a resource for you during your current assignment and future assignments. While on contract, we stay engaged so that we can be involved with providing feedback and help with keeping you stay consistently employed as projects wind down. Your career is important to us and having someone you trust to support you is something we do not take for granted.